Communities Create History

The focus is a layered ven diagram (see image). To date, I have lived in a world where entrepreneurship, business, politics, and even charity are a competition for individual control. Individuals compete to exert as much personal control of their domains as possible and build defenses for that control. We have all sought to build our own castle. We centralized power to ourselves, even when we are seeking to be selfless.

Human history is like the seasons, it moves in cycles. We are in the midst of an incredible inflection in human civilization. This is covered well by the ‘Strauss–Howe generational theory’ (read the 4th Turning). Our demographics-economics have led to the end of the great debt cycle best articulated by Dalio. The digital revolution has overtaken the mainstream across the global economy and now society must adapt how it is organized to absorb the technological reality of our time. These lead to great power Nation State conflict.

Economic, social, political, technological, geographic/resource, and physical Power, distribution, and governance will be reconstituted over the coming decade. I have chosen an abundance mindset (thank you Peter H. Diamandis + OpenExO) to engage the present and future. It is on each of us to choose to create over the temptation to destroy. This will be a revolution or a renaissance. Choose to create, collaborate, share, and express yourself as self-sovereign.

Our current phase of transition and transformation is of great experimentation and resistance. Resistance is exemplified by nearly all Nation States as they seek increasing levels of power and control over our individual sovereignty. State and Government protocols operate on 18/19th-century technology, it’s time to create the next set of operating systems for human coordination. Humans experiment first in art and commerce, web3 has allowed thousands of experiments to bloom, many are tulips, some are weeds, and a few will be redwoods. We need to put our faith in #STEM and seek truth through proof. In this world, data will be the core input to productivity, thus our power protocols will form around the creation, ownership, use, protection, distribution, ‘weights & measures, and governance of data.

Let’s build together. #SeizetheMemesofProduction in the comments with your feedback;)

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